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What makes the difference between
OKAPIA and other stock agencies?

Our Experience
OKAPIA was founded in 1954 by legendary zoologist and filmmaker
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Grzimek and is one of the most tradition-steeped
stock photo agencies in Germany. Well-known publishers, editors and
advertising agencies rely on OKAPIA's service and high quality pictures for
many years. As a specialist in scientific related imagery, OKAPIA became also
internationally known.

Our Knowledge
The editorial team of OKAPIA consists exclusively of academics who are experts in their field, corresponding with OKAPIA's philosophy that a high scientific standard can only be guaranteed if the material gets inspected in a professional trained manner: After a multi-staged image selection qualified academics ensure that every photograph is scientifically correct determined.

Our Network
OKAPIA cooperates with renowned wildlife and scientific photographers. Every day the agency receives exclusive photographic material from distant countries and regions difficult to access, but also from Germany and Europe. And if a motive should not be available, we can obtain the requested image normally via our international partner agencies.

Our Diversity
Beside the scientific focus Okapia offers the entire spectrum of a universal stock photo agency. Online stock: over 1.3 million rights managed images > to get full access to the image bank simply register here.

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